Code Source is a building code consulting firm
    committed to providing exceptional outside services to
    public agency building departments.

    Code Source provides one of the the most
    comprehensive package of services available for

    Our services include:

  • Checking plans for compliance with the currently adopted
    editions of the California Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and
    Electrical Codes, along with the California Energy Code,
    Historical Code and Fire Code.

  • Review of general building limitations, structural plans and
    calculations, soils reports, energy reports, accessibility
    requirements, Wildland-Urban Interface requirements,
    ordinances adopted by Jurisdiction and other project related
    information as supplied by the applicant or the Jurisdiction.

  • Certified Access Specialist (CASp #037) on staff for plan review,
    inspection, consultation to the jurisdiction or to the public

  • Experienced, certified building inspection services, including
    Special Seismic Design.

  • Complete photovoltaic electrical system plan review and
    inspection for commercial or residential installations of any size.

  • Fire Suppression Sprinkler System review

  • Geotechnical Peer Review

  • Green Building standards and principles, plan review and
    inspection and policy development.

  • Review construction plans for conformance with Design
    Review Conditions of Approval and approved architectural

  • Review plans for compliance with Water Efficient Landscaping
    requirements such as QWEL.