Code Source is a State Certified Access Specialist (CASp):

Recently enacted Senate Bill 1608 is a comprehensive reform
measure intended to promote improved compliance with
California Accessibility Standards (Title 24) and the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is a multi-faceted approach that
attempts to address the problem of non-compliance by
recognizing the value of and promoting voluntary compliance
and prevention.

The bill requires every local building department to “hire or
retain” a CASp to provide consultation on access issues. The
Certified Access Specialist will provide consultation to the local
agency, permit applicants, and members of the public on
compliance with state construction-related accessibility
standards; however, building departments may charge a fee to
bill this time back at an hourly rate.

The work (i.e. plan check or inspection) can be performed by
the CASp, or alternatively, the CASp can be available for
consultation to those who do the work, as well as those who
request the work. Code Source can provide your building
department with the necessary CASp personnel to comply with
the state regulations.

CASp Reports for Business Owners:

SB 1608 allows  business owners who have obtained a CASp
report  and are later sued on a disability access claim to
request a streamlined court procedure for a limited stay and an
early evaluation of the claim.