We provide the following HERS Rater services:

  • California Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing Rater
  • T24 Compliance Rater; All Residential Diagnostic Testing
  • New Solar Homes PV Verification
  • CA ENERGY STAR Homes Compliance

CA Whole House Rater
We provide CA Whole House Ratings, the new Phase II HERS rating
program developed by the California Energy Commission for rating
energy efficiency for existing buildings. The Whole House rating
provides an energy efficiency rating for the home, and a computer
generated list of the most cost effective upgrades for your consideration.

Compliance with utility company rebate programs
Most new construction utility programs require HERS Rater field
verification before funding is released. We provide the HERS field
verification and documentation for compliance with utility programs. As
an example, new multifamily projects that are participating in the
California Multi-Family New Homes Program require the energy code
items used for compliance be field verified before funding is released.

GreenPoint Rated Programs
BuildItGreen offers two GreenPoint Rated programs, GreenPoint
Rated New Home for new construction and GreenPoint Rated Existing
Home for remodels, renovations and upgrades to an existing home.
Code Source/Code Green can provide all of the various Certified
GreenPoint Rater services for your projects. We are certified for both
the New Home multifamily and single family programs, as well as for the
Existing Home “Elements” and “Whole House” rating systems. We are
familiar with and have completed numerous Certified  GreenPoint Rated
projects of all types and sizes.

We also can provide any HERS Rater field testing and verification
concurrently and in conjunction with the GreenPoint Rating on your
project. This is an economical and effective way to complete all of the
GreenPoint Rater, T24 HERS compliance rater, utility program HERS
field verification, and any GreenPoint Rated HERS performance testing
required for compliance in a coordinated effort. Code Source staff is
trained and certified in many of the building performance testing
procedures available and in use in today’s construction environment.    

Whether using the checklists for certification or general guidance, there
are many ways to use the GreenPoint Rated systems and checklists for
construction projects. Think of GreenPoint Rated as a report card for
your project. If the home meets minimum point requirements in each
category and scores at least 50 points on either the Single Family or
Multifamily GreenPoint Rated Checklist, as verified by a Certified
GreenPoint Rater, it earns the right to bear the GreenPoint Rated label.
A GreenPoint Rated home is graded on five categories:

  • Resource Conservation

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Water Conservation

  • Community

  • Energy Efficiency

Build It Green's green building guidelines, policies and programs are
intentionally crafted and complementary with California's energy and
water utility programs, building and energy codes, and reputable
national green building programs such Energy Star® and LEED.